Epic Airguns Two Tactical Compact CZUB CFB 4.5

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This Epic Airguns Two Tactical Compact CZUB CFB PCP rifle is an excellent choice for shooting at long-range targets. It can easily be adjusted, which makes it a highly user-friendly rifle. The PCP rifle features a CZUB non-choked barrel with a length of 300 mm, which can be used to shoot with exceptional accuracy. The Weaver/Picatinny scope rail has an incline of 30 MOA to compensate for the shot’s trajectory. While aiming and shooting at long-range targets, you’ll have to point the barrel higher than the target to compensate for the shot’s trajectory. This means that if you’re using a scope rail without an incline, you’ll quickly lose sight of the target. Using a 30 MOA scope rail will compensate for that elevation and allow you to keep your target in sight.

Aside from the exceptionally accurate barrel, the stability of the rifle is also of paramount importance when shooting at long-range targets. This is why the Epic Airguns Two Tactical Compact CZUB CFB comes equipped with a short Weaver/Picatinny accessory rail and an Arca-Swiss rail on the bottom of the fore-end. You can use those rails to either mount the PCP-rifle onto a tripod or to mount a bipod onto it. If you choose to go with a bipod, you can put the rifle down with great stability by using the bipod in conjunction with the bag rider on the bottom of the butt stock.

That butt stock has a height-adjustable cheek rest, which allows you to line your eye up perfectly with a rifle scope. The butt plate is length-adjustable, so you can easily determine the right LOP (Length-of-Pull). This means you’ll always have the correct shooting posture, so you can shoot with stability and comfort. Speaking of comfort; the Epic Airguns Two Tactical Compact CZUB CFB has an AR-style grip with ergonomic, pre-moulded finger grooves. As a result, the rifle feels very comfortable to hold in your hands. The stock can be folded, allowing you to shorten the rifle’s length from 790 mm to 550 mm. Doing so allows you to transport and store it more easily.

This air rifle uses a Carbon-Fibre Bottle, also known as a CFB, with a capacity of 300 cc and a fill pressure of 300 bar. It’s located right below the barrel and it’s shielded on the bottom by the accessory rail. The remaining fill pressure can easily be gauged by checking the pressure gauge on the left side of the frame. This Epic Airguns Two Tactical Compact CZUB CFB is regulated and the regulator is located right behind the CFB. That regulator has a maximum capacity of 70 cc and it can be adjusted externally. There’s an opening in the bottom of the accessory rail for the pressure gauge that shows the remaining fill pressure for the regulator. Aside from the regulator, you can also externally adjust the hammer spring pre-tension. This grants complete control over the amount of air you let through, allowing it to push the projectile through the barrel as long as possible without an excess of air disturbing the projectile’s balance as it exits the barrel.

The Epic Airguns Two Tactical Compact CZUB CFB PCP rifle can be used by both lefthanded and righthanded shooters. The side lever is located on the right side of the frame out of the box, but it can easily be switched to the left side of the frame. This PCP rifle is available in different calibres and each calibre has its own magazine capacity:
• 4.5 mm / .177 – 13 pellets/slugs