FX Impact M3 Sniper Bronze 5,5mm

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Product description

This FX Impact M3 Sniper Black is the long distance version of the FX Impact M3, with a long 700 mm barrel and a large 580 cc air bottle. In .35 (9 mm), the barrel even has a length of 800 mm. Just like the standard M3 Impact, it features:

The three most important points where the Impact has significantly changed are the addition of an extra regulator, the use of a bigger power plenum and a renewed adjustment system for the hammer spring preload. We’ll take you through them:

  • Dual Regulator System: The first regulator reduces the pressure on the second regulator, which means the latter can do it’s job even more refined, resulting in a better consistency. This means the shot results are even more accurate. A secondary advantage is the fact you can now opt to use an air reservoir with a maximum fill pressure up to 300 bar. Both regulators features a pressure gauge and of course the FX Impact M3 Sniper Black has a pressure gauge for the fill pressure too. It’s important the pressure difference between both regulators is kept between 30 and 40 bar.
  • Power Plenum 720: This power plenum has a capacity of 72 cc, meaning there’s more air readily available directly in front of the valve, to shoot slugs with more power and velocity. Of course, you’re still able to reduce the power for lower velocities. Added advantage is the regulator pressure can now be set even lower for extra accuracy.
  • Quick Tune System: The macro adjustment wheel to adjust the preload of the hammer spring now has more settings (16) for better accuracy when adjusting. Each click results in an adjustment of 5-15 fps (1.5-4.5 m/s), depending on calibre and chosen regulator pressure. The newly added micro adjustment can be set in steps of 1-2 fps (0.3-0.6 m/s) per click. Both adjustment options feature scales so you can exactly see what you’re doing. This makes it easy to switch calibre or change your pellets or slugs.

The smooth working short action cocking lever with enlarged handle is ambidextrous and can be mounted both left or right. The match trigger can be adjusted in blade-angle, and can also can be adjusted for length, making a perfect finger position possible whether you have short or long fingers.

A smart feature is the duel hole transfer port for most calibres. On one side you’ll find a small port with the letter ‘P’ This transfer port with slightly restricted opening is perfect for shooting standard pellets. If you twist the barrel, you’ll find the other transfer port, labelled ‘S’. This enlarged port is meant for shooting slugs or heavy pellets. A metal bridge in the middle of the port prevents projectiles from falling in.

The 20 MOA Weaver/Picatinny scope rail is ideal for those who will shoot at longer distances, as it helps you to keep plenty of adjustment range on your rifle scope. Besides this rail, the FX Impact M3 Sniper Black also has two Weaver/Picatinny accessory rails on the side and one in front of the trigger housing.

FX uses a convenient power adjuster for the valve and the skeletonised shoulder piece on the FX Impact M3 Sniper Black is adjustable. Also very handy is the Smooth Twist X barrel with interchangeable Superior liners. These liners are available in different calibres and different twist ratio’s and lengths. They’re easy to change and the rifling is pressed in from the outside, making for a very smooth bore with a minimum of friction.

The FX Impact M3 Sniper Black is supplied with an average tuning for universal use. The maximum power as stated in the specifications can be reached using the multiple adjustment options on this air rifle.